JRA 2 - Filling the gaps in testing and characterisation methods for DER power components


This JRA aims at clarifying the performance criteria and the associated characterisation methods for DER components to be connected to smart electricity grids. The developed testing methods will be used in the test platforms of the DERRI infrastructures, thus improving the quality of the access
provided to their users.

Among the many different types of DER components, this JRA will focus on the two ones for which the largest gaps have been identified:


  • storage systems: the performance criteria and testing methods are well defined for the traditional applications of storage, such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or stand-alone configuration, but this is not the case for grid-connected storage systems, used for grid support, power quality, load levelling etc.
  • large-scale RES inverters: originally mostly focused on the low-power range, the unit capacities have been growing significantly in recent years. Modern inverters require adequate testing capabilities, which include not only laboratories but also expertise and common testing procedures. These procedures need to take into account the new characteristics, features and possibilities of modern power electronics.