Joint research activities of DERri

Part of the DERri project, joint research among the partners is conducted. These activities will improve the access of users to the research platforms and develop further synergies and complementary capabilities between the researchers in partner institutes. Three Joint Researches Activities are being performed:


JRA 1: Joint Test Facility for Smart Energy Networks with Distributed Energy Resources (JaNDER)


The establishment of a virtually unique pan-European demonstration laboratory with testing equipments linked with a single communication protocol (both in terms of data structures and open communication means) serves as test bed for different combinations of technologies, aggregation mixes etc operating under innovative control schemes. JRA1 aims to improve and better utilise the existing test facilities and enables a high performance platform for research on the next generation distribution networks.


JRA 2: Filling the gaps in testing and characterisation methods for DER power components


JRA2 aims at clarifying the performance criteria and the associated characterisation methods for DER components to be connected to smart electricity grids. The developed testing methods will be used in the test platforms of the DERRI infrastructures, thus improving the quality of the access provided to their users.


JRA 3: Real time simulation environment and parameter identification for power systems


The main focus of JRA3 is to combine the expertise as well as the laboratory infrastructure available in the project consortium to establish a specialised test facility for hardware-in-the-loop2 simulation of power systems and components. The test facility will allow grid operators to gain comprehensive answers on system questions in regard to safety functions, grid management, security of supply and quality of supply. Plant supplier and operators profit from more precise component behaviour descriptions and better support of component developments.