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Networking activities

Networking Activities are designed to facilitate easy communication between the project partners, infrastructure users and public stakeholders as well as external stakeholders, such as research and educational institutes and standardisation bodies. Networking Activities are divided in the following working packages:


NA1 Management of the transnational user access

To define and manage, through specific procedures, the transnational access to the DERri facilities.


NA2 Definition of common standards and procedures

Aims at creating the conditions to guarantee the reliability of the activities performed in each facility and their traceability and the compatibility of test procedures at the different sites.


NA3 User support service

To provide tools for users to efficiently lead them to the required information and ease their access to the facilities.


NA4 Information and dissemination

To ensure the maximum awareness among potential external researchers of the research infrastructure access opportunities provided by the Project; and to ensure maximum and wide spreading of the new knowledge gained within the Project to all relevant stakeholders.